After using the Bing Desktop app for a couple weeks I very much enjoyed seeing my wallpaper updated every day, but the search bar and news pop-ups I can do without. There are already several programs to automatically change your desktop wallpaper daily. The ones I tried had lots of features and settings, and had to be running constantly in the background to a job that is only required once […]

While testing the Boxee Windows Alpha, I found the need to right click on my touch-screen.  After finding that none of my fingers would send a right-click, I thought it would be useful have an app that would send a right-click to the active window whenever a double-click was detected. I couldn’t find any apps that did this, so I started with some global message hooking code written by George […]

Since there seems to be people around who still use VB6, I thought I’d post some more of my stuff.  Here is a button control that can add a nice touch to some apps.  This control is completely owner drawn, and uses code from Carles P.V. (on and Karl Peterson. This control can also act as a check button, or as a panel (container) object.  I don’t think I […]

I have a new rule. I must insert mouse cursor changing code at the beginning and end of any block of non-threaded code that takes control away from the user – no matter how short the code is. I started thinking about this after a program I wrote at work was found to be too slow in testing. Watching how a user interacts with the app made me think “I […]

I’ve been using the Google Calendar lately, and it’s not bad.  It reminded me of a calendar I made a few years ago, but Google did it a bit better.  So I copied Google’s color scheme and changed a few things to make mine more like the Google one. This code is in the form of an ActiveX Control written in VB6.  Source code is provided below. Included with the […]

Here’s a solution to the lack-luster Timer Control in VB6.  Instead of requiring a Form, the code is contained in a class module.  It is similar to other Timer class implementations you can find on the web, with one major difference.  Each timer requires a call-back function, so to avoid having to keep track of the call-back for every class, a Collection is used, and a single call-back function is […]

The following post is related to the eBook Technologies ETI-2 (also the eBookwise reader), and has nothing to do with anyhting else on this site. I’m posting this under “stuff that’s hard to figure out yourself”. So for anyone using this eBook, these are the simple instructions you need to get your content on your device. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to turn your text and html files […]

I’ve been looking through my code to find something worth posting. And I think I’ll start with OpenGL in Classic VB (6.0). This is not often done, but is easy to do, and works very well. All that is needed to start typing OpenGL code is this type library by Patrice Scribe. If you are new to OpenGL, you can download this ‘template’ project that demonstrates how to create OpenGL […]

After setting up this blog, which WordPress has made so easy, I got to thinking about other good setups. In particular, Inno Setup. This is a simple, script-based installer that is very powerful (and free). You may have seen it in action if you’ve installed any of my programs. For most distributions, it’s as good (or better) then the main-stream installers. Now, why can’t I find a good text editor?